The Queer Earth Sanctuary is a safer-space for folks of gender and sexually-expansive identities to feel included and empowered in the ever-expanding world of transformational gatherings & events. In addition, this space will also serve as a Queer Ecological learning-center for ALL PEOPLE to have the opportunity to expand their awareness of what it means to be and to be Queer, empowering stronger alliances with nature & the global queer community - an ultimate reclamation of our Bodies & Land. 

This space acknowledges the power of diversity within intersectional identities; the fluid and expansive universe of gender & sexuality, highlights prominent figures in history who helped pave the way for Queer Liberation, and offers resources on queer reproductive/sexual health.

We honor indigenous cultures and promote respectful, non-appropriative learning about two-spirit histories, in addition to exploring critical examinations of current struggles within the LGBTQAI+ community. We acknowledge that queer BIPOC (black, indigenous, & people of color) are impacted by violence and oppression disproportionately. We center these historically marginalized voices at our core, celebrating the legacies of survival and resilience of our LGBTQAI+ history.

This space is intended to build coalition across difference, de-mystify stigmas rooted in ignorance & colonization, and to celebrate the biological-exuberance of this Queer Earth and its lifeforms.

Ideally, the QES would be situated at a centralized location at the festival where those of us who do not fit into conventional societal norms can congregate and seek refuge from the feelings of separation that often arise in public environments. We welcome in the full range of our experiences and invite collaboration in creating community rites of passage that acknowledge our celebrations of changes through the seasons of our lifecycle, our grief, our resilience, and our collective trauma.

This heart-centered space acknowledges the power of diversity within intersectional identities: by honoring the fluid and expansive universe of human-identity; by highlighting key figures in history who helped pave the way for Queer Liberation; and by offering resources on queer reproductive and sexual health.


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